Using MATCHA powder
(ceremonial tea)
Items required 
kettle, matcha bowl, yuzamashi (cooling down) jug, chasen (bamboo whisk),
chasaji (bamboo spoon) and Matcha powder.  
Whisk vigorously - not in a circular motion,
rather in a "mmm" pattern across the bowl
- using the chasen (bamboo whisk).
High Grade Premium SENCHA 
Items required
kettle, kyusu (teapot), 3 cups, teaspoon
and Sencha loose leaf tea.
Transfer the water from the first cup
to the second cup.
Wait for 50-60 seconds and serve.
ROASTED Green Teas
Items required
kettle, cafetiere, cup, teaspoon and
Roasted Green Tea.
Wait for 1-2 minutes and then
depress the plunger.
Put 2 heaped chasaji (bamboo spoon)
spoonfuls of Matcha powder into the bowl.
When the Matcha froths on top
it is ready to drink.
Put one level teaspoon of Sencha
into the teapot.
Now transfer the water from the second cup
to the third cup.
You may add further water (60-70 degrees)
if you require a second serving and similarly
for a third serving. In these instances you do
not need to wait before serving.
Put 2-3 heaped teaspoons of Roasted
Green Tea into the cafetiere.
The tea is now ready to serve.
Add approximately 100mls (3.5 fluid ounces)
of water - at a temperature of around 90 degrees Centigrade - to the bowl.
Point of Interest.
The literal meaning of "Matcha"
is refined powder green tea made
from Gyokuro (white tea).
Boil the kettle and pour boiling water
into the first cup.
The water should now be at an ideal temperature of 60-70 degrees Centigrade and should now be poured from the third cup into the teapot.
Point of Interest.
What is the difference between Sencha and Bancha?
SENCHA uses high-grade, freshly-picked baby leaves picked from May to July. It is packed with vitamin C, polyphenols and amino acids.
Tea made with Sencha leaves will be green in colour and have a sweet mellow taste.
BANCHA uses large low-grade leaves which have no specific picking period. Tea made using these leaves will have a yellowish tinge to the colour and have a bitter taste.
Boil the kettle and pour boiling water
into the cafetiere.
Point of Interest.
The Japanese word for
roasted green tea is "Houjicha".
It usually consists of a mix of
green tea leaves and stems (kukicha).
Our product -
contains only the stems and is unusually mixed with roasted brown rice to create a very low caffeine content and a very distinctive flavour.
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